Due to ten years of experiences in the Himalayas,

I can guide a group of people in secret places to make you discover places still little known trekkers and travelers coming to Nepal.

Trip organizer / Fixer

through our various contacts with locals people living in the mountains of the Himalayas. We can easily organize meetings or make reservations to stay in the mountains.

We can also build itineraries in the Himalayas,  which leave the usual circuits, for one person or a group with high-end quality of traveling.

High Altitudes Informations

How to manage a trip in high altitudes environement, what risks, formation, wich back-up you need. We can provide for training courses / preparation for any projects into high altitudes.


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As former photo-journalist i gain a great experience with assignments for differents agencies (like AFP, Discovery, Corbis Images etc.). I was awarded by Canon france for my work in nepal in 2015.

I can provide for any assignment in Nepal or Asia about culture or Himalayas including into high altitudes.