Here the bluish aspect is entirely due to the blue hour the sun being already lying down. The focus being made on the rock in the foreground, we can see that the sharpness is perfectly preserved during the long exposure on my tripod (40 seconds) the return of the yarn on the water is really more than satisfactory, very soft and diffuse. In short, what we are entitled to expect from this type of pro filter.

The following pictures are made with my filter 100×150 GND 0. stops gradual).

On shooting with symmetries or pronounced perspectives the use of GND turns out to me very convenient. Allowing to separate the image and easily manage often very different exposures within the same composition. Again, the Haida GND are doing the job. Keeping sharpness of the image brilliantly.

My Verdict

Considering my specific speciality and the fact I need to climb and trek of road in Himalayas to reach great spot of shooting. The built-in quality of Haida filters and filters-holders is an important point. The gear is really strong and armed for scratches accident (recurrent in my job). And for the core of the subject, the optical quality is for me the than others brands highly rated on the market know, like Nisi. But for a lower pricing. So for me if you need ND & GND filters plates and a great holder system. Haida is THE brand for that, for all the reasons I noticed before. For me they deserve their own slogan « believe we can »

Yes, they definitely can !

Stay sharp and have a nice shot.

Lone Wolf