The Wilds are a group of independent professional photographers sharing the same passion for adventure and extreme terrain, deserts, jungles, forests or high mountains. All around the globe.

Each photographer has his own area of ​​expertise but all our photographers come together on the same point. A passionate love for difficult terrain. For portraits they do not hesitate to dive into the heart of slums or remote villages of Asia, for landscape photographs they do not hesitate to explore the wild and remote areas of the Himalayas. Or venture into the Sahara Desert to create a unique travel photography collection. All are expert photographers and we count, also certified drone pilot and videomakers. 

Our group also has trained people for the field. through their individual background they complement each other once they are together. Martial Arts practitioners, fighters or instructors in high-level combat sports, divers, mountaineers, alpinist, sports shooters, rescuers trained to varying degrees and specializations make Wilds a very special group of professional photographers.

Able to adapt to any type of terrain, professionals in each of their projects as much in the preparation as the execution. Our group can therefore respond to any type of order that is out of the ordinary.

It could be said vulgarly that Wild Shooters are the special forces of photography.